Donnerstag, 2. März 2017

Snorkeling and Swimming with whalesharks

There was nothing special i could write about the 2nd day ... just relaxing and lying in the sun. Reading a book and thinking of nothing. Did a little yoga class for my own. Walking through the mangroves. There was a little bit of rain also.

The 3rd Day was great. Weaking up a little bit early. Around 6 o`Clock in the morning. But ....whohoooo. we are going to see the whale sharks! This was a great thing. Has been a big dream and the reason for us to visit alcoy. Has seen a whlae shark some years ago in Kenia. Love them so much. They are such majestic animals.

We drive with a private transport to the whale shark spot. It took us nearly an hour. But it was so great. You have about 30 minutes with the sharks. You get an instruction how to behave first. Then some registration and paying (1500 PHP). You go to the boat with a group of people. Soon you see the first shark. There were fed by some locals in a small pump boats.

You jump in in and find yourself next to this hughe beauty.

Was a great experience! Pictures will follow soon.

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